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Fishing Chatter

by Bob Horn; Co-chair, Fisheries Committee

[Note, this article is normally included in the Ten Mile Lake Newsletter found elsewhere on this website. - Ed.]


With ice on the lake, snow in the air, and water temperatures in the 30 –40 degree range, the 2008 Ten Mile Lake fishing opener was a bust. Ten Miles still had some ice on opening day May 10th and the ice did not leave totally until May 12th. The bays had been ice-free days earlier and there were some crappies being caught. The walleye opener was very slow, and Rick Grewe owner of Quietwoods Resort in Lundstrom Bay said it was the “worst” in the last 10 years or more. There were some larger walleyes released, but not many under 20”. Don’t give up - Fishing will get better with some warmer weather!

One bizarre happening took place on opening day was when some fisherman tried to return to the public access only to find that the wind had switched and moved some ice to block there entry back to land. Luckily, the ice was the consistency of “a glass of ice cubes” and they were able to move through it without any problems.

REMINDER: only ONE walleye over 20” can be kept each day. The walleye daily limit remains at 6.

NEW REGULATION FOR TEN MILE LAKE: Starting May 10, 2008, all Northern Pike from 24 – 36” must be immediately released. Only ONE over 36” is allowed in possession. The state limit for Northern Pike is THREE per day. The old regulation for Ten Mile was “all Northern Pile over 20” must be released immediately.

Harlan Fierstine, the regional fisheries manager for the DNR, reported that Ten Mile Lake received 2705 lbs. of walleye fingerlings last fall averaging 2.5 fish per pound.

Our next stocking of walleye fingerlings will be the fall of 2009.

You can view pictures of the stocking last fall on the TMLA web site [here].

Have fun fishing, and if you see someone that is abusing the regulations, the TMLA strongly urges you to Report it to Gary Sommers, DNR enforcement officer for this area. His number is 547-4501.

Fishing Survey

The fishing survey is now closed. Thanks for your participation! We collected over 145 responses, and the committee has sufficient data to review at the next meeting.