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Swimmer's Itch

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by Bruce Carlson

The Ecology and Environment Committee of the Ten Mile Lake Association is continuing to gather data on the locations where residents on the lake have been troubled with swimmer's itch.  If anyone at your cabin has gotten swimmer's itch, would you please enter your Ten Mile Lake address on the line below.  Your specific response will be confidential, but from your responses we will continue to map where on the lake swimmer's itch is a problem.

Yes, we have had swimmer's itch on our beach.

Lake Address:

Month/Year Observed:

The maps below show in red sites along the lakeshore where Swimmers' Itch has been reported. All of these sites are based on self-reporting by Ten Mile residents, either at the annual meeting or from responses on the TMLA Website. The E & E Committee will continue this survey over the next few years to see if there are any year-by-year changes in infested areas. For more information on swimmers' itch, please see the Fall 2006 Ten Mile Newsletter or consult Bruce Carlson's book, Beneath the Surface.





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