The Adams Family on Ten Mile Lake

From a conversation with Clinton J. Adams with his children Jack and Bruce Adams and Marna Adams Stevens, written on August 17, 1987. Excerpted by Sue Eikenberry.

Margaret and Clint Adams, from Ames , Iowa , started coming to TML in 1933 for summer vacations at Camp Iowa , on the north shore. Clint was originally not interested in fishing but his interest in the area increased when he was told of a nice nine hole golf course 9 miles away. It had sand greens and a small shack on it and a slot machine.

Hans and Edith Jensen ran Camp Iowa , coming in the summers from Audubon , Iowa to do so. Eventually Hans sold real estate out of Hackensack . Their son Bob would start school in Walker in the fall, to he around to help close up the camp. There were only necessities in the cabins kerosene lamps for light, an outhouse, and a town pump framed in birch logs where all got their water.

 Keith Textor, from Coon Rapids , Iowa , sang "The Lord's Prayer" at Sunday morning church services. He had a beautiful voice and sang with Fred Waring on television and also with a small group called the "Keith Textor Singers."

Hans Jensen is remembered as being a good magician. He would keep everyone spellbound with his coin tricks. He would make things disappear into his elbow and pull things out of the back of his shirt.

Camp Iowa had wooden boats with the ribs that had to be repaired every year. If you rented a motor, usually it was one and a half horse, or a BIG one, which was five horse.

Clint's interest in fishing came along with the help of fishing guide Ralph Plantz who lived at the other end of Ten Mile. He eventually moved to Alaska . The rule of thumb of size of fish to keep in those days was 5-10 pounds. There were 2 or 3 places that Ralph knew to catch walleyes, and they also fished for northerns. Ralph caught one that weighed 24 pounds and took 3rd prize in the whole area. Most of the fish were in Lundstrom's Bay. Trolling was done by rowing. For bait, Ralph would sometimes use frogs, but mostly minnows that he would catch by seining. Clint recalled catching an 11-pound walleye by casting into the weeds toward the shore.

"Grandpa" Bush lived east of the Adams cabin. He had been a railroad man, retired and lived at Ten Mile. He was the father of "Bullet Joe" Bush who was one of the top pitchers for the New York Yankees. Bullet Joe roomed with Babe Ruth. The Bush cabin became a part of Camp Iowa , and the Nels Christensen family stayed there and eventually bought it. It had been built around 1910 by the same person who built the DeLury cabin and the Chase Hotel in Walker .

In 1941, the Adams purchased their cabin, and in 1982, they purchased the DeLury cabin. "Clint's Clan" have a very special gathering place for their families.

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