Summer on Boone Point

Published in Summer, 2004

Taken from "The Ramblings" by Kathryn Bell Hescher. Excerpted by Sue Eikenberry

There was a multi-stall garage on the north shore east of Kubo's where the Gitchee Gumee Beach residents kept their cars and boated across to their cabins. My father did not own one. He rented one every summer after we moved to Texas in 1923. We did not own a car until then. My parents came to Ten Mile by train from their winter home, getting off at the station near Bromley's [now Arthur's]. They would then be taken by boat to Boone Point. Mr. Long had a launch. We listened for "yoo-hoo" from people wanting to come across from the garage or from Christie's [now Kubo's]. Bill Optiz had a log cabin next to the garage. Generally we knew when someone was to arrive, so we watched through binoculars and listened for the call. If the wind was from the south, it was difficult. People would wave a white handkerchief. Highway 50 was "old 19." It was the only way to get to Walker. My parents told about going to Hackensack through the thoroughfare [Boy River] or by train. It was an all day trip.

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