The DeLury Cabin on Ten Mile Lake

By Cathy Iversen


Brothers Robert and Daniel DeLury found their way to Walker in about 1895. Daniel set up a law practice and Robert opened a tailor shop. Having come from the lake country in Eastern Ontario, it was natural that they explored the lakes in their new country. They pitched a tent at Lake May where they lived for some time. To reach Ten Mile Lake, they boarded the train in Walker to Long Bay. There Cliff Long would take them in his one cylinder motor boat to their destination. They contracted with a Walker carpenter, Archie Lavigne, to build a cabin.

Reportedly built in 1910, this cabin, which still stands on the Adams property on the north shore, is the oldest on the lake. About ten years later, Archie was the prime contractor on the building project of the Chase Hotel. After the DeLury cabin was built, a friend from Bemidji, Mr. Vanderluis, built his cabin, which was a mirror image. Then their friends, Miss Bicec and Mrs. Ilstead, built on the east side. The big log house was built in the early 20ís and the DeLury resort was established. In addition to the log house there were 5 cabins. A log shed was built to hold ice and an electric plant was added. They thought about adding a sewer system but decided it was not necessary.

In 1925 Robert DeLury took over the management of Douglas Lodge at Itasca State Park and put the resort in the care of Mr. & Mrs. Jensen. After a few years, they built Camp Iowa. In 1930 the DeLurys returned to Ten Mile and operated their resort. Robert DeLury passed away in Baltimore in 1945. Mrs. DeLury continued running the resort for one year and then sold all but the original cabin. In 1946 her grandson, Dan DeLury, visited Ten Mile. Mrs. DeLury asked him if he could install a water system for her. He said he could but there was no galvanized pipe to be had.

However, an old classmate of Danís, Orville Liflis, was tearing down the top floors of the old Chase Hotel and he sold Dan enough pipe to do the job. Mrs. DeLury continued to enjoy the cabin at Ten Mile until her death.

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