The Mullendore Property

An Account by Cyril Grant Hedderly
as recorded by Beverly and Hank Crede.

Dr. T.L. Hedderly purchased 400 acres of land here for $4.00 an acre in 1906. He was to pay 50 cents an acre down and the remainder in 40 years. This land was designated as "school land" - the money from which was used to build schools.

The family of Dr. Hedderly, a dentist, moved into this house in August of 1906, before it was completely finished. In the upstairs bedrooms the parents nailed mosquito netting over the openings to help keep the mosquitoes out of the house. The family consisted of three small boys, parents, and Mrs. Hedderly's father, who fought under General Grant in the Civil War. He hunted, therefore keeping the family in meat such as deer, rabbit and partridge. A fourth son was born in this house, but died of pneumonia at age 1 1/2 . Cyril remembered moving 12 wagon loads of furniture here and it took one wagon alone for his mother's grand piano. The house was heated by wood burning stoves. The nearest neighbor was 6 miles away.

Dr. Hedderly soon realized he was no farmer and that clearing the land was almost impossible, as huge pine stumps 5 to 6 feet in diameter had to be removed. These were left from the days when the T.B. Walker Lumber Company had come through the area and cut all the virgin pine. The family managed to clear about 40 acres but could not grow corn of any size. They did manage hay, clover and timothy enough to try to feed cattle. But the feeding season was too long and the grazing season too short. Dr. Hedderly went broke and his marriage ended in 1914. Mrs. Hedderly became a school teacher to support her family and eventually went to the Dakotas where instead of $40 per month she received $120 per month, as the need for teachers in that area was so great. The property sold in 1923 for $85 an acre for the house and 33 acres of land.

Fall, 2004

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