The TMLA Radio Station

An article from an early Ames IA newspaper sent to the History Committee by Jack Adams. Probable date was 1948 or 1949.


Last weekend, on the north shore of Ten Mile Lake, near Hackensack, Minn., where many Ames residents are vacationing this summer, a new and unique radio station went on the air. It is located at the lake shore cabin of Mr. and Mrs. Clint Adams, and identifies itself with the call letters WBG.

At odd times during the day and evening, expecially during bad weather when fishing, swimming, and water skiing is [sic] poor, approximately twenty cabins can receive the broadcasts. The programs are varied and pleasurable. Recorded music is most generally accepted, but in addition to this, interviews with summer residents, original shows, commercials and sports news help conclude the broadcast day.

WBG was first created by Bill Gaessler, Ames, Sr. L.S.C., son of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Gaessler, and previously was operated at Kemper Military Academy and at his home in Ames. Bill, who is a guest at the Adams cabin, is assisted by a staff comprised of the Adams Children, Marna, Bruce and Jack, 1204 Orchard Drive, Ames; Frank Vance, son of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Vance, 1206 Orchard Drive; and Karel Harper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harlan H. Harper, 1208 Orchard Drive. Bill, Frank, and Karel are guests this week in the Adams summer home. They all take turns sharing the responsibility of the various tasks included in making a good radio station operate properly.

The transmitter itself has a power of a fraction of a watt. It is only because of this that the station can be operated without a license. It radiates only a few feet. In order to facilitate so many cabins, the radio waves are piped into the lakeshore cabins via the power lines which the small transmitter uses as an aerial.

The real surprise came Monday noon when the familiar voice of Dale Williams was heard reviewing the sports world.

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