The Tuller Family History

Published in Fall, 2007

By Jim and Lisa Tuller, Long's Bay
July 2006

The Jim and Lisa Tuller family’s ties to Ten Mile Lake began when Lisa was a child vacationing at Happiness Resort on Long Bay . Her parents, Tom and Louise Hay, have included their Ten Mile story in these pages [in the Ten Mile History] as well.

After Lisa graduated from Iowa State University in 1984, she moved to the Twin Cities for the sole purpose of being able to spend weekends at her parents’ cabin. She met Jim, a native of Connecticut transplanted to Minnesota , and the couple was married in 1988. After having 2 children, Beth in 1989 and Scott in 1991, they were feeling a bit crowded in the Hay cabin (Lisa having a brother, Mike, who had 2 children with his wife Tammy; several family dogs made up the rest of the crowd!)  Jim and Lisa purchased their own cabin on the narrows of Long Bay, next door to Ruth and Ray Benson, and spent two summers in that cabin. In the fall of 1991, they had an opportunity to purchase Chuck and Deana Bromley’s property next door to Lisa’s parents. That fall, they determined that building a new cabin on the property was the way to go and the old Bromley cabin was lifted from its foundation and moved behind the property to neighbor Howard Thorson’s land. (Howard now uses it as a guest cottage.)  The Tullers built a log house and enjoyed that cabin as a summer home for three years.

In 1995, Jim and Lisa had the great fortune to be able to purchase Swanson’s Bait Shop in Hackensack and ditch the corporate life of the Cities for life up north. After 2 winters in a house in Walker , they added on to the Ten Mile cabin and made it their year round home.

As of this writing, Beth and Scott Tuller have attended Walker Hackensack Akeley schools since entering kindergarten and the family still owns the bait shop. After two additions, the business is officially called Swanson’s Bait & Tackle & General Store. They consider themselves incredibly blessed, living next door to Beth and Scott’s grandparents and every day looking out on the beauty of Ten Mile. (Winter is even better than summer!)

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