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By Marty McCleery

Are there any members interested?  School project?  Something to do?  Learning experience connecting with people around the world on water quality?  The Ten Mile Lake Association Environmental and Ecology Committee would like to sponsor several members with kits to monitor Ten Mile Lake and tributaries as part of the Water Environment Federation World Water Monitoring Day.  Check out the WEF Web site at   Please call or Email Bruce Carlson at 218-675-5580 or if you are interested in the E&E Committee support in participating in this program.

Kick-off World Water Monitoring Day™ 2007 with WEF and IWA!
WEF and IWA, coordinators of World Water Monitoring Day™, will officially celebrate the kick-off of the 2007 monitoring period on the banks of the Potomac River in historic Alexandria, Virginia on September 18.
Click here or call 703 535 5264 for more information. All are invited. Please RSVP to

What is World Water Monitoring Day?
Adopted by WEF in July 2006, World Water Monitoring Day (WWMD) is an international outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world. Held annually between September 18 and October 18, the program engages communities in monitoring the condition of local rivers, streams, estuaries and other water bodies. Since its inception in 2002, more than 80,000 people have participated in 50 countries.

How to Get Involved with World Water Monitoring Day:

Register your site. Choose any lake, stream, bay, or other waterbody where you can safely monitor. Register your site beginning July 18 each year by clicking on WWMD Database to enter the World Water Monitoring Day registration database.

Prepare your monitoring equipment. Use your own equipment or purchase an easy-to-use test kit by clicking on Order Kits. Each kit contains an informative instruction book and enough reagents to repeat up to 50 tests.

Monitor your site. Invite others to help you monitor, or do it yourself. Visit your site anytime from September 18 through October 18 to test the water. Remember, safety first !

Report your data. You did the work, so let us know about your water. You can submit your results right here on the website - just click this link and choose "Enter Data." Results may be entered anytime from September 18, 2007 through De cember 18, 2007 for inclusion in the annual World Water Monitoring Day summary reports.


The DNR will take comment from the public as to whether to retain, modify, or return to statewide regulation the existing experimental northern pike 20-inch maximum size limit on Ten Mile Lake.

The open house style meeting will take place at the Longville Elementary School gymnasium from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on September 27, 2007. The public may also provide input on the regulation proposals during a statewide open house at the DNR Central Office, located at 500 Lafayette Road in St. Paul on September 27 from 8:30 to 4:30 p.m.

For those unable to attend a public input meeting, written comments may be sent to Harlen Fierstine at the DNR Area Fisheries Office, 07316 State 371 NW, Walker MN 56484 or email at harlan.fierstine @ (spaces added to thwart spam). All comments must be received by October 9, 2007.

July 15 Star Tribune Article by Jim Schwartz refers to Ten Mile Lake

Click here to see the article.

Ten Mile Lake History - 200 Years

The long-awaited "Ten Mile Lake History: Two Hundred Years", will be available for sale for the first time at this year's TMLA Annual Meeting. The price: $35.00, plus shipping and handling if needed.

The TMLA History Committee is excited to announce publication of the book, which includes Ten Mile family and neighborhood histories, lake development stories, fishing and boating and other stories, maps and pictures that friends of Ten Mile will enjoy.

Books will be available at TMLA's 55th Annual Meeting on August 4th, 2007 at Union Congregational Church in Hackensack, MN. For orders that must be mailed, there will be a shipping and handling fee of $5.00 over and above the $35.00 cost of the book. Checks made out to the Ten Mile Lake Association and cash will be accepted.

The Ten Mile History Book will also be available at the Hackensack Flea Market on August 8th, 2007, and it may be ordered following the Annual Meeting from these History Committee members: Tom Cox, Sue Eikenberry, Lorraine Stromquist, Kim Moe and Larry Urbanski.

Everyone who has a connection with Ten Mile will want a copy of this fine, hardcover book, not only for themselves but as a gift for friends and family members of every generation. From cover to cover, it is full of stories and wonderful memories of Ten Mile dating from the time of the Louisiana Purchase to the year 2007.

UPDATE: Ten Mile Lake History Book can now be purchased from one of the following board members (spaces added to thwart spam):

bulletLorraine Stromquist: budlorr @
bulletSue Eikenberry: tenmile @
bulletTom Cox: tbcoxreston @

Send an email to get the mailing address. The book sells for $35, plus $5.00 for shipping. Checks should be made out to TMLA and must be dated on either the first or the fifteenth of the month.

Land Use Public Forums

7/18/07: Al Griggs writes: As many of you already know, there is a series of 6 meetings scheduled in the county starting July 19 and completing on July 30. The purpose of these meetings is to provide information relating to the work the Joint Committee has done over the past year or so in assisting in the development of proposed revisions to the Cass County Land Use Ordinance relating to developments {both Conservation and Conventional (lot & block)}.
    These meetings will provide a forum where the public will be advised to what the proposed revisions are and the logic and reasoning behind them and to allow the public to react and provide input to the Joint Committee before the final report to the Board of Commissioners is completed.
   It is vitally important that lakeshore property owners are well represented at these meetings. Please communicate to your association board and members and encourage them to attend one or more of these meetings. [Schedule  below - Ed.]

Click here to see the Association of Cass County Lakes (ACCL) Evaluation of the 3/27/07 Version (latest) of the Proposed Revisions to the Cass County Land Use Ordinance Development Standards - July 11, 2007.

6/25/07: Al Griggs writes: Hello Everyone. Jim Ballenthin has published the meeting schedule for the Land Use Ordinance Section 1116 revision which covers CD's and Lot and Block developments. I urge everyone to make an effort to attends whichever meeting best suits you. We need to be vocal at these meetings, in support of the revision as it currently exists with boatslips for non riparian dwelling units. See you there. It also wouldn't hurt to send emails or calls to Jim and to the Commissioners.

This is the schedule for the Public Forums on the proposed Development Standards - Section 1116. The Remer location is not yet confirmed and is subject to change. The slide presentation is in final editing and will be posted to the County website when final. A press release containing the forum schedule will be released soon and also will be posted to the County website.

I encourage members of the Joint Committee and other involved persons to attend as many of these public forums as possible. Your support of the proposals, along with your reasons for support, will provide insight and guidance to others in attendance.

bulletPike Bay Town Hall July 16th 6:30 pm
bulletCrooked Lake Town Hall July 19th 6:30 pm
bulletRemer City Hall July 24th 6:30 pm
bulletWalker-Courthouse July 26th 6:30 pm
bulletLongville-Salem Lutheran Church July 21th 9:00 am
bulletLakeshore City Hall July 30th 6:30 pm

"Beneath the Surface" by Bruce Carlson

"Beneath the Surface" is a book about Ten Mile Lake, written by the chairman of our Environment and Ecology Committee Bruce Carlson, and published by the Minnesota
Historical Society, c/o Chicago Distribution Center, 11030 South Langley
Ave, Chicago, IL 60628-3830. Phone 800-621-2736; Fax 800-621-8476.  Their
Code for "Beneath the Surface" is 578-1. Price $27.95.

Al Griggs writes: "It comes close to being required reading for Ten Milers.
I have read excerpts from the book and found them to be extremely
interesting and informative, not just about fish and fishing (I would
describe Bruce as being the Ten Mile Fishing Guru; he seems to be able to
catch walleyes when no one else can!  He also writes articles for "In
Fisherman" upon occasion.) but including ichthyology, limnology, lake
biology and ecology, and you name it. It is packed full of information which
is presented with historical and ecological perspectives.  It is further
enhanced with numerous illustrations which were done by his cousin, Bruce
Granquist, a resident of the island of Bali."

The book became available on May 1. Copies may also be found at Swansons in Hackensack, and there may be other places in Hackensack or possibly Walker which carry it.

Tennis Invitational

The Second Annual Kramer Tennis Invitational will be held on Friday, July 6, 2007.
Location: 3879 60th Avenue NW, Lower Ten Mile Lake Road
Warm up and Registration: 8:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 a.m.
Play begins at 10:00 a.m.
Cost: $5.00 per entry (to help offset refreshments during the day and entree for end of tournament picnic)
Rain Date: Saturday, July 7, 2007

Doubles tournament is open to all residents and guests of Ten Mile Lake. All levels welcome! Super Tie Breaker format is exciting and will move play along quickly. Non tennis players? Please come to watch and cheer for your neighbors!

Early registration by email or phone appreciated to set up brackets. You may also register on the day of the tournament. Anyone (age 12 and up) interested in being an assistant to the tournament director, Stan Kramer, please notify us by phone or email. All assistants will receive a free tournament t-shirt and refreshments.

Questions or to register: jeaniekram @ or 218-675-5035