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Walley Stocking | Boat Parade | Ice-Out | MPCA 2008 Report | Sensitive Lakeshore Identification

November 3, 2009: Walley Stocking

The DNR was at the public access the past few weeks and completed the walleye stocking of 2600 lbs of healthy fingerlings. The fish numbered about 15 per pound and were bought from a hatchery near Alexandria for around $39,000. I have tried to attach a couple of pictures to give you an idea of the size. We now have 40,000 new walleyes swimming in the cool, clear waters of TML.


July 4, 2009: Boat Parade

Linda Merritt has provided a photo album of 2009 Boat Parade images on Snapfish. Click here to see all of the pictures!

April 30, 2009: Ice-Out

On May 1st, John Alden reported: "Yesterday, April 30, Ten Mile was at least half covered with ice at 9am. At 2pm only the north bay had ice, and at 7pm I could find no ice. So [April 30] is the official ice-out.

April 16, 2009: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 2008 Report

Click here to see the MPCA 2008 report in .pdf format.

If you don't already have the Adobe reader installed, you can download it using the following link:

March 9, 2009: Sensitive Lakeshore Identification

Paul Radomski, Project Manager with the Minnesota DNR, supplied the following link regarding Sensitive Lakeshore Identification: