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Spring Water Level | Community Yard Sale | Star Lakes Application | Cabin Succession Workshop | Aquatic Invaders | Summer Internship | TMLA Gets Shoreline Improvement Grant

May 1, 2011

Spring Water Level

On May 1 – Ten Mile is almost 4 inches (3.984”) higher than average and almost 4 inches (3.84”) higher than it was on November 1st last fall.

May, 2011:

Community Yard Sale

Got lots of treasures (junk) you want to sell?

Announcing plans for a Ten Mile Lake Community Garage Sale “Crawl”

July 8-9, 2011

Contribute $5 towards advertising and flyers.
Then set up in your own driveway or garage.

Interested? Let me know and we’ll make arrangements.
Spread the word to neighbors, too.

To participate, please send $5.00 to:

Cathy Iversen
5340 County 71 NW
Hackensack, MN 56452 or (303) 570-8755


May, 2011:

Star Lakes Application

Introduction to the TMLA's Star Lakes Application, by Bob Rydell, TMLA Healthy Lakes Committee:

The Healthy Lakes Committee of TMLA has submitted to Minnesota's Star Lakes Board an application to be recognized as a "Star Lake" under Minnesota Statute 103B.701 2008. The State Statute has certain eligibility requirements of the applying lake association such as having a current lake management plan and participation in the Pollution Control Agency's water quality monitoring program. Also, there are ten issues upon which the Star Lakes Board will judge the Association's plan as part of the application. The issues are stated, as are our responses, in the application posted here. Upon successful attainment of a Star Lakes designation, "State agencies may consider this in determining the allocation of financial and staff resources". Translated, that means that there may be state funds available to the TMLA for certain projects. Our application includes our Long Range Management Plan and the 2010-2012 Lake Management plan, which you can see on the Ten Mile Lake Web site also.

Star Lakes Application (.pdf)

Updated to Final Version - 5/5/2011

April 21, 2011:

Cabin Succession Workshop

To: Ten Mile Lake Association Members

From: Bruce Carlson and Jay Cline

RE: Upcoming meeting: “Cabin Succession Planning” sponsored by TMLA and Leech Lake Watershed

Spring Greetings to all of our Ten Mile Lake Friends.

Bruce and Jay have been working with Leech Lake Watershed to sponsor a Cabin Succession Planning workshop on August 19, 2011 at the Walker Community Center. The meeting will start at 10AM and will be offered free to TMLA association members. We are anticipating this workshop to be a “sell out”. Since this is a co-sponsored event we only have a limited number of seats (approximately 100) available to us, we are asking for you to sign up now to reserve a spot. The speaker for this event is Margaret Cronin who is an estate planner.

Topics covered at this event will include:

bulletUnderstanding and communicating your family’s vision for cabin succession goals
bulletMaking decisions and legal preparations
bulletDeveloping and implementing a plan.


April, 2011:

Aquatic Invaders

The TMLA is committed to helping keep Aquatic Invaders out of Ten Mile Lake. Everyone needs to help! Keep your eyes open for invaders and if you notice something unusual let me know? Other states, including Idaho, have effective programs in place and are already finding boats carrying zebra mussels. Minnesota's rivers are open, and the lake ice is darkening. There has been a lot of talk of decontamination. We are recommending that TMLA work with local MDNR / US Fish and Wildlife standards in carrying out AIS control. Please watch the U-Tube video to see what it takes to effectively decontaminates boats: 

April, 2011:

Summer Internship Available

We have been told that for the summer, 2011 the Department of Environmental Services of Cass County will have funds to support a summer intern to analyze data resulting from septic system inspections around Ten Mile Lake over the past several years. The aim is to determine the efficacy of the present system of inspections and to use the data to formulate future policy and practice. Other environmentally-related projects are also possible. For a college student, this could be a good way to stay at the lake this summer and also earn some money in a job that would be of direct benefit to the lake.

If you are interested, please contact John Ringle, Director of Environmental Services, Cass County for further information. His e-mail address is, and his phone number is 218-547-7241.

February, 2011:

TMLA Gets Shoreline Improvement Grant

The TMLA has recently been informed that an application to the Clean Water Legacy Fund for the support of shoreline improvement and restoration was approved for an amount of $40,000-50,000. This application was submitted through Cass County Environmental Services, and this agency will handle the actual management of the grant. This request was first submitted (and not funded) in 2009, but a new request in 2010 was funded. This grant covers 75% of costs for shoreline improvement/restoration projects on Ten Mile. The remaining 25% is a matching contribution that could be made in the form of either money or sweat equity.

In response to a mailing in 2009, a group of over 40 Ten Mile cabin-owners expressed an interest in shoreline projects. These individuals have already been informed of this grant, and a number of them have signed up for shoreline improvement projects on their property. From what I understand, there are other sources of funding for shoreline restoration projects in the event that all of the funds of our Ten Mile-specific grant are spoken for. Some of these may have different matching requirements.

If you are interested in exploring the option of improving your shoreline, please contact Kelly Condiff at Cass County Environmental Services (Phone: 218-547-7246, e-mail - Kelly has already met with a number of Ten Mile folks, and he will come to your place to evaluate the situation and suggest what could be done. He is extremely knowledgeable, communicates well, and uses a very common sense approach to shoreline improvement. He does much of the actual work himself.

Ten Mile has been identified by various state agencies as a high priority lake for preservation in its natural state, and this grant is a reflection of the support that is building. A great deal of the state’s interest is due to the involvement of Ten Mile cabin owners and the TMLA in efforts to monitor and preserve the lake. The active involvement of cabin owners in shoreline restoration is another reflection of our interest in preserving the unique character of our lake.

Please contact me ( if you have any questions.

Bruce Carlson
TMLA President