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Ten Mile Lake Association


Fall Edition, 2001



Dam Raiders Strike Again | Adopt-a-Highway Update

Dam Raiders Strike Again

by Tom Cox, Chair
Lake Level Management Committee

So far this past summer the TML Dam Raiders have struck twice at the Beaver Dam under the CSAH 6 Bridge over the Boy River. The stream stayed clear through June, perhaps in part because last November a trapper took 19 beaver out of the area around the bridge. But in early July, the beaver were at it again. And so, on the 20th the Raiders gathered at the river to remove the accumulating saplings and other debris -- three trailer loads, in fact. Then, again, on August 13, they struck again, taking another trailer-load to the transfer station. They also removed large rocks and loosened the build up of sand that creates something close to a two-foot weir that also obstructs flow under the bridge. But as this newsletter goes to press, beaver have made a good start on yet another dam, and it appears that they have had helpers: there are a few rocks in the streambed where there were none before, and which could only have been dropped there by folks sympathetic to the beavers (and to high water in the river). A third raid is planned, and a fourth may be required before freeze-up this fall. Boaters and canoeists report that the rest of the river between Ten Mile and Birch Lakes has remained open, i.e., free of beaver dams, throughout the summer.

Bouquets to the Dam Raiders who have helped this summer to rid the river of this obstruction to Ten Mile outflow:

Don Brown Bob Crom Forrest Watson Click here for pictures of the Dam Raiders!
Richard Shipp Tom Cox Dan Eikenberry
Bob Nelson Ray Raetz Don Patterson
Geoff Cox Al Griggs Dave Brandt
Homer Olsen Don Willis Ken Regner
John Alden

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by Dave Losby, Co-Chair
Adopt-A-Highway Committee

During the past six weeks the following people have become active in this program: Elaine Crabb, Homer Olsen, Hank Sandvig, and Janet and Cary George. Many thanks to them all.

We still have openings and would appreciate your assistance. Call Dave Losby at 675-6066.

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