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Ten Mile Lake Association


Fall Edition, 2001



Near Tragedy | Storm Recollection | New Handbook | Water Level | Ten Milers in Action

A Near Tragedy

Friday evening, July 20th, we had a very near life-ending experience! We were out in our pontoon boat about 8:30 p.m., in anticipation of a beautiful sunset cruise. We noticed an inboard-outboard motor boat bearing down on us pulling a water skier. We thought that surely the driver of the boat would see us and change his course. However, it became evident that this was not to be the case. Luckily we had enough power in our motor to increase our speed and evade what could have been a horrible accident.

We followed the boat until it stopped to change water skiers. The driver and crew were most apologetic and said they were all watching the water skier, including the driver who was also videotaping the skier!! We wonder if the driver of the boat is aware that had the collision occurred and we had been killed he would now be in jail charged with negligent homicide.

We reported this incident to the Office of the Sheriff; he informed us that it is also against the law to pull water skiers within an hour of sunset. We urge all boat owners pulling water skiers to have a least two people in the boat in addition to the driver: one to watch constantly where the boat is going and one to watch the water skier.

Dick Garbisch (July 24)

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Another Storm Recollection

Reading Ginny Carter Moll's story of the storm in '53 brought back vivid memories of that day for me. My mother, sister, and I were visiting the Garbisch gang and witnessed the 'tornado' from their living room window. Convinced that the storm which had lifted a wooden C-boat out of the water had also done great damage to our beloved wood, my family hurried home along Sunset Beach. Halfway there, we encountered a visibly shaken Ginny holding her two wide-eyed boys.

"Does this sort of thing happen often?" Ginny inquired. (-- Apparently, only every 50 years or so.)

Ann-Lee (Anderson) Zalk (July 26) (South shore --still standing pine grove-- resident)

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Praise for New Directory and Handbook

To the Editor: We are thrilled with the latest Ten Mile Lake Association Directory for 2001; it is so easy to read (even without eye-glasses). The new Ten Mile Notebook binder is beautiful, user-friendly, and well thought out as to content. We applaud everyone involved in this endeavor for their ideas and long hours bringing this to fruition, and happily anticipate your future contributions. Keep up the very fine work!

Dave and Mary Lee Losby (August 6)


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Thanks to Tom Cox

The undersigned wish to thank Tom Cox for the countless hours and extraordinary effort he has spent working to resolve the problems and controversies caused by the high water level of Ten Mile Lake. The high water level has had serious effects on many lakeshore properties, and we would like to acknowledge his efforts on our behalf.


bulletGeorge Brandt
bulletDave and Evie Brandt
bulletJohn and Carlyn Bryngelson
bulletJudy Bryngelson
bulletSam and Betsy Fahr
bulletDick and Audie Garbisch
bulletRay and Sally Helsman
bulletTate and Jinny Lane
bulletFritz and Bernadette Kilander
bulletJim and Donna Sandelin

(July 13)

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CLIFF BRUNZELL, a long-time owner of a cabin on the South Shore of Ten Mile Lake, who was profiled recently by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, on the occasion of the release of his latest CD, titled "Interaction II." The release occurred just three days before Cliff's 80th birthday. The article notes that Cliff is best known as the leader of the Golden Strings, a string ensemble that played for 18 years in the Flame Room of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Before the Golden Strings group was formed, Cliff played for seven years with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. And boaters on Ten Mile Lake report the pleasure they have experienced when they have heard lovely violin music as they drifted near Cliff's cabin on an occasional summer evening.

Cliff Brunzell was born in Minneapolis and began taking violin lessons at 8. After high school, he played for a time with a trio at the Nicollet Hotel; after serving in the Army, he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in violin from the MacPhail College of Music. Later he got master's degrees in violin and music education. He joined the Minneapolis Symphony in 1948, but left it in 1955 to run the strings and orchestra department of Hopkins High School. He also became Assistant Conductor of the Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis, and founder and music director of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.

In 1963, Cliff was asked by hotel owner Curt Carlson to head an ensemble to be called the Golden Strings which would play in the Flame Room. The group became a well known and well-loved institution in the cities, and over the years released 10 CD's. When it appeared the Golden Strings would not be needed in the new Radisson, Cliff purchased the name from Carlson for $1. Having given up teaching in 1971, Cliff has kept the Golden Strings busy playing at weddings and numerous other bookings, either as a quartet or as an 11-piece ensemble. Cliff says he hopes to keep working at least another ten years.

(From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Sunday, August 12, 2001; page F1.)

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