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Ten Mile Lake Association


Fall Edition, 2001

Dedicated to the Preservation and Improvement of Ten Mile Lake and its Environment

Water Level Report

This newsletter is a publication of the
Ten Mile Lake Association
P.O. Box 412
Hackensack, MN 56452

Editor: Sarah J. Cox
5688 Fernhurst Dr. N.W.
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          Associate Editor: Jim Schwartz
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REVISED 9/22/2009


It has come to the attention of the TMLA Board of Directors that many shoreland property owners are not aware of the need for a County Permit for any shoreline protection efforts such as rip-rap. The State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has authority over the water in the lakes up to the ordinary high-water level. Their literature describing shoreline renovation states that no State permit is required for rip-rap projects that project no more than 10 feet into the water. However, the County has authority for the land above the ordinary high-water level, and the County does require submission and approval of a permit application.

Please see the latest information about DNR Permits on the DNR Website.


Permit application forms and information can be obtained from the Cass County Department of Environmental Services (P.O. Box 3000, Walker, MN 56484); Tel.: 218-547-7241 or 1-888-547-3301, Ext. 241 - speak to John Sumption or Dave Kaufman). You must submit a plan of your renovation project along with a drawing, and pay a fee of $130.00. For ordinary rip-rap projects the County will grant permission routinely.


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UPDATED: Water Level Report

[updated 11/1/01]

WATER LEVEL REPORT by Tom Cox, Chair, Lake Level Management Committee

Birch Lake Outlet Structure Update

On July 18, DNR staff from St. Paul and Bemidji, representatives from Birch, Pleasant and Ten Mile Lakes, Stan Kumpula of the Cass Board of Water and Soil Resources and Jim Dowson, County Commissioner, met in Hackensack to discuss the procedure for obtaining an amended or new DNR permit for the management of the Birch Lake Outlet Structure. With the advice of David Ford, Supervisor, Surface hydrology Unit, DNR Central Office, St. Paul, and Kirk English, DNR Area Hydrologist, Bemidji, reached a consensus involving permanent placement of a four-inch log in the outlet structure for a period of up to two years, during which time volunteers would make twice-weekly readings of the water levels on the three lakes and report them to the DNR. Under Mr. Ford's guidance, the DNR will use this data, along with precipitation and river and ground water flow data, to determine the character of a fixed wier to be established at the current outlet structure's location. The Ten Mile Water Level Committee anticipates that the DNR's study, supported by Cass County's own concurrent hydrological study of the Upper Boy River (being supervised by Stan Kumpula with the assistance of John Alden), may result in a new outlet structure that will address both the low water concerns of Birch Lake residents, and the high water concerns of those who have homes on Ten Mile and Pleasant Lakes and along the Boy River in Hackensack.

Water Level Statistics

Historic Data, 1973-2000 
Avg Level, '73-'00: 1379.42'
Recorded Range: 2.72'
Highest Level: 1380.21' (4/25/79)
Lowest Level: 1377.49' (11/23/76)

[updated 11/1/01]

Summer 2001 Readings
5/1 1379.83'
6/1 1380.03'
6/14 1380.22' (new high of record)
6/27 1380.15'
7/6 1380.00'
7/16 1379.91'
8/3 1379.79'
8/15 1379.76'
9/1 1379.60'
9/8 1379.56'
9/14 1379.44'
10/17 1379.31'
11/1 1379.22'

Walt Kane reports that on September 14, Ten Mile was four tenths of an inch higher than on the same date a year ago. Also on September 14, the water was down 5.2 inches from it's May 1 level, and down 9.36 inches from it's peak on June 14, when it reached 1380.22, the highest level on record since the DNR began keeping records in 1973. But the lake was up 1.2" from its level on last November 1. Also of interest, from June 25, when the stop log was removed, until July 30, when it was reinstalled, Ten Mile's level dropped 4.3 inches. It's impossible to tell how much of this drop was due to the absence of the stop log and how much was due to July's long, hot, dry spell. Walt Kane calculated, however, that during this same 35-day period in other years of record, Ten Mile rose, on average, 1.3 inches.

Water Level Committee Adopts Mission Statement

At its meeting on September 8, the Water Level Committee adopted this Mission Statement:

The mission of the TMLA Water Level Committee shall be to serve as an advocate with the Ten Mile Lake Association, Cass County and the Minnesota DNR regarding Ten Mile Lake water level issues. To carry out its mission, the Committee shall: 

  1. Monitor and record Ten Mile Lake water level and flow.
  2. Monitor and record the water level and flow at the Birch Lake Outlet Structure.
  3. Monitor and record the condition of the Boy River between Ten Mile and Birch Lakes.
  4. Monitor shoreline erosion and other effects of high water levels on Ten Mile Lake. 5.
  5. Monitor Beaver Dam activity under the CSAH 6 Bridge and at other locations, and organize removal of dam construction materials and other debris as necessary to keep an open flow under the bridge.
  6. Cooperate with the County Engineer's Office regarding the management of the Birch Lake Outlet Structure.
  7. Advocate for and provide technical and practical assistance to Cass County's Upper Boy River Hydrological Study.
  8. Advocate for and provide technical and practical assistance to the DNR's water level studies pertaining to the County's application for a new or amended permit for the Birch Lake Outlet Structure.
  9. Advocate for construction of a new Birch Lake Outlet Structure.
  10. Advocate for the construction of an appropriate new CSAH 6 bridge over the Boy River (scheduled for 2003).


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