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President  Ivar Siqveland, 218-341-3970 (cell)
Vice-President Karin Arsan, 675-6247
Treasurer  Teresa Conway, 612-414-5963 (cell)
Secretary  Ann Owen, 952-230-4545 (cell)

Resident Directors

Resident Director Mary Ackerman 675-6229
Resident Director Tom Cox, 675-6844
Resident Director Dave Gapinsky, 675-5352
Resident Director  Don Hoppe, 675-6265
Resident Director Bob Iversen, 547-1876
Resident Director Sarah Swanstrom, 675-6226
Summer Resident Directors
Summer Director Steve Helscher
Summer Director Shelly Knuths, 675-6340
Summer Director  Marty McCleery, 675-6908
Summer Director  John Keegan
Summer Director Dianne Power, 816-305-3369 (cell)
Summer Director Bob Rydell, 675-6395
Membership Coordinator

Phoebe Alden, 547-3114

Tax Administrator Gary Paulson, 675-5277
Newsletter Editor Sarah Cox, 675-6844
Web Site Administrator Geoff Cox, 703-409-7229, Geoff@geoff-cox.com
Committee Chairs, Members
Adopt-A-Highway Karin Arsan, Ivar Siqveland,  Denny & Paula Abbott, Mary Ackerman & Jim Reents, Phoebe Alden, Jim & Susan Brandt, Larry Clemens, John Coughlin, Elaine Crabb, Cary & Janet George, John & Lolly Hallberg, Bob & Nancy Horn, Mike and Sandy Kennedy, Paul & Carolyn Krech, Emily Minor, Jane & Ken Odell, Bob & Carol Williams.
Advisory Committee

Lee Sand, Jay Cline, Al Griggs, Tom Cox, Bob Crom, Jim Miller, Stan Skaug, Don Willis, Bruce Carlson

AIS Committee

Bob Iversen, Bob Rydell, Bruce Carlson, Ivar Siqveland, James Reents, Jay Cline, Jean Carlson, Marty McCleery, Pat Golden, Rick Purvis, Warren Gerber

Communication & Technology

Mary Ackerman, Karin Arsan (VP TMLA), Phoebe Alden, Sarah Cox, Geoff Cox, Don Hoppe, Justin Krueger, Diane Power, lee Sand, Harry Seward
Conservation Committee Jim Miller, Gary Anderson, Andy Biebl, Bruce Carlson, Mimi Garbisch Carlson, Tom Cox, Al Griggs, Shelly Knuths, Jim McGill, Tom Moore, Linda Schwartz, Jim Reents, Diane Westmore, Steve Wilson, Ivar Siqvland (TMLA President)
Directory Phoebe Alden, Rick Hughes
Environment & Ecology Bruce Carlson, Sarah Cox, Al Griggs, John Hallberg, Don Hoppe, Bob Iversen, Marty McCleery, Jim Miller, Tom Moore, Ken Regner, Bob Rydell, Judy Seward
Fisheries Steve Helsher, Bruce Carlson, Teri Gapinski, Warren Gerber, Al Griggs, Rod Owre
Healthy Lakes Marty McCleery, Mary Ackerman, Tom Cox, Bob Horn, Tom Moore, Bob Rydell,  Andy Seward, Sarah Swanstrom, Randy Vosbeck
History Sue Eikenberry, Karin Arsan, Tom Cox, Alden Gjevre, Deb Hamilton, Cathy Iverson, Tom Meyers, Kim Moe, Sue Seyala, Murry Towler, Larry Urbanski, Mary Ann Varela, Katy Hoover
Lake Safety Rick Hughes, Mark Sand, Lynn Abraham, Bill Brandt, Bob Moe, Lee Sand, Bob Williams, Carole Williams

Kim Moe, Dave Byers, Bob Crom, Bob Horn, Lynn Martin, Murry Towler

Nominating Shelly Knuths, Dave Gapinski, Kim Moe, Diane Power

Theresa Conway, Ken Regner, Jim Hickman,  Ivar Siqveland, Sarah Swanstrom

Water Level

Tom Cox, Jay Cline, Dan Eikenberry, Marty McCleery

Zoning & Land Use now handled by the Conservation Committee.
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But if you need to contact anybody, most of these individuals are available via the Ten Mile Lake Yahoo Group.
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