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From Robert Barney: "My wife and I own a cabin in Batchelorís bay that has been in the family since 1939. I would like to submit a few photos I have taken over the years for inclusion on your website."

Canoers on the
North Shore

August 1994

TenMile_Canoers.jpg (176360 bytes)
TenMile_Evening.jpg (221561 bytes) Spectacular Evening Sky
from our Front Yard

August 2003

Piersonís footbridge in 
Batchelorís Bay.

August, 1989

TenMile_Pierson's bridge.jpg (336086 bytes)
TenMile_Cloud.jpg (136018 bytes) August 1985
Taken from our
front yard in
Batchelorís Bay.

August 1993

TenMile_Batchelor's Bay.jpg (259778 bytes)
TenMile_sunset.jpg (232439 bytes) Sunset in Kenfield Bay
August 2003
from Park Point across
Flowerpot bay

August, 1985

TenMile_Across Flowerpot.jpg (286938 bytes)


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