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DNR Stocking on Ten Mile Lake

Information provided by Bob Horn

Fall, 2013

Fall, 2011

The Mn.DNR released a substantial number of walleye fingerlings in Ten Mile this fall. The total number of pounds was 2800. The fingerlings averaged between 4-8" in length.That amounts to over 40,000 new game fish for the walleye fisherman. It will take about three-four years before these fingerlings reach 15" or more.

DNR Walker Fisheries Manager
Scott Gustafson checking the information from the supplier.
The delivery truck from Watson Mn. The driver made four trips to the public access of TML. All the fingerlings were in excellent shape when released into the lake.

This pic is an example of one of the walleye fingerlings.




Fall, 2007

The following pictures were taken on September 27, 2007. Steve Campbell is the DNR technician that delivered the fish to the TML public access. There were a total 2600lbs of walleye fingerlings/yearlings that were released this fall in Ten-Mile. The fish were brought from the Glenwood, Windom, and Park Rapids hatcheries. All the fish were delivered were in excellent condition.

Photos taken by Bob Horn, Co-Chair, TMLA Fisheries Commitee

dnrfing1.jpg (119659 bytes) dnrfing2.jpg (120989 bytes) dnrfing3.jpg (99605 bytes)
The DNR truck delivering 600 lbs of walleye fingerlings Steve Campbell of the DNR taking the water temperature of Ten Mile. The fish tank at the access.
dnrfing4.jpg (131092 bytes) dnrfing5.jpg (140061 bytes) dnrfing6.jpg (117289 bytes)
Small walleyes in the fish tanks. Dipping nets into tank to release in Ten Mile. Walleyes being released into Ten-Mile.
dnrfing7.jpg (152854 bytes) dnrfing8.jpg (197803 bytes)
Remaining walleyes being released by plastic tube. The public access on 9/27/2007.


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