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largemouth.jpg (37268 bytes) largemouth2.jpg (28106 bytes)

Nick Brainard caught this 3+ pound bass in Thomas' Bay in June of 2002

angierockie.jpg (46485 bytes)

Angie Brainard boats a decent rock bass back in Thomas' -  June 2002
angiepickeral.jpg (42338 bytes)
Angie's little pickeral on top water. As you can see, she's not crazy about touching this toothy guy- June 2002
charlierockie.jpg (44577 bytes)
Charlie Helscher lands a fun little rockie on ultra lite tackle- June 2002
charliesunset.jpg (20705 bytes)
We fished from dawn to dusk most every day of this trip-  June 2002
tmlsunset.jpg (18473 bytes)
I could almost hear "Amazing Grace" in the background when I snapped this sunset- June 2002
brokenelbow.jpg (41858 bytes)
northern.jpg (27243 bytes)
Started this year with a broken elbow. Didn't keep me off the water but it certainly made me change how I did things in the boat- June 2003
angieleslie.jpg (34124 bytes)
Team Helscher scores a double hookup in Thomas' Bay. The anglers are both Charlie & Dawn Helscher's daughters, Angie Brainard(rock bass) & Leslie Olson(northern)-  June 2003
angielgmouth.jpg (35666 bytes)
Angie boats a nice large mouth in Flower Pot-  June 2003
smallie.jpg (52796 bytes)
Nick caught this spunky little smallie right outside Grandma Helscher's cabin on Boone Point-  June 2003
angienorthern.jpg (32989 bytes)
Angie Brainard lands a nice northern on 6lb tackle. Notice, she still won't touch them. Angie claims they look too much like a snake and they smell bad too. She didn't mind any of that while this guy was putting a bend in her rod though- June 2003

nickangie.jpg (48163 bytes)

Nick & Angie Brainard at the head waters of the Mississippi. It was soooooo cold that day!!!- June 2003

angiepads.jpg (37975 bytes)

Angie Brainard working the pads back in Thomas' -  June 2003

leslierockie.jpg (39163 bytes)

Leslie Olson's rockie with a side salad- June 2003

leslienorthern.jpg (42865 bytes)

Leslie caught this northern in Thomas'. Notice, Like her big sister Angie, she won't touch it either? Must be a Helscher thang-  June 2003

leslielgmouth.jpg (49055 bytes)

Leslie Olson lands another nice large mouth- June 2003

northshore.jpg (69675 bytes)

North Shore from Boone Point
Photo by Rick Helscher, 2000

smallmouth.jpg (37528 bytes)

A Ten Mile Trophy

Steve Helscher caught this Smallmouth trolling for walleyes with a leech during vacation, Summer 2000.


walleye.jpg (37940 bytes)

Ten Mile Walleye

Steve Helscher: This walleye my son Josh caught during the summer of '95'. He, his sister Jill, (in the background) and I were out casting near mom's cabin when he caught this. It was a quiet night, around midnight when she took his bait. I know we woke a few people up when we got her to the boat. She was 27" long and was released after the picture was taken.


A Wedding on Boone Point!

reception.jpg (96474 bytes)

Reception Hall on Boone Point.

registry.jpg (40020 bytes)

Registry table has pictures of 'Grampy' & 'Grammy' Ball, our beginnings on Ten Mile started with them. We all are so very thankful!!

couple.jpg (38337 bytes)

Jake and Leslie Olson, their first married kiss!

KayHelscher.jpg (36984 bytes)

Kay Helscher, the grandmother of the bride. She is the owner of the cabin on Boone Point.

maryolsen.jpg (32270 bytes)

Mary Olson, mother of the Groom.

chuckhelscher.jpg (36131 bytes)

Chuck Helscher, father of the Bride

limo.jpg (22508 bytes)

The best limo on the lake!


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