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June, 2004

Captions from the photos below...

Deep diving plugs with a stop and go retrieve got the attention of some toothy critters. Nick landed these northerns near Gitchey Gumey beach. Here's some close ups of the business end of these bad boys.

Jake Olson caught his share on this trip. I'm not sure which catch he was most proud of...

Angie Brainard caught a mixed bag of northerns, large mouth and walleye.

Charlie Helscher had fun with his catches on ultra lite including large mouth bass and this 3lb smallie.

This was Kayla Olson's first visit to Ten Mile. She was definitely the center of attention.

The picture perfect sunset was taken at Grandma's cabin on the tip of Boone Point... just before Nick was forced indoors by ravenous swarms of Minnesota's state bird.

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