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Photos by Steve Hinkley. There are additional photos by Steve on the Sunsets page.

2014 Pictures by Stephen Hinkley

I shot this on 10/13/14, I sent it to KARE11 that night and they showed it on there 10PM news cast.
Photo was shot from the North shore and I called it on KARE11 "Another Beautiful Sunset On Ten Mile Lake"


These photos are also from the North Shore of Ten Mile Lake:

2013 Pictures by Stephen Hinkley

2012 Pictures by Stephen Hinkley

The end of a perfect 10/10/10 at Ten Mile Lake!

9/19/2011: These pictures were taken last Wednesday sitting in a tree along the Northwest shoreline.

This loon was also taken in September, 2011:

Caught this guy sitting on the wall eating a little breakfast. 9/16/2010

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

July - Here are a few eagle pics from Northshore along with a loon photo.

July - North Shore Fireworks



July - North Shore Boat Parade

June 18 - Windstorm

Photos were taken on the North Shore. There was some damage along the North Shore.

July 2010 - Eagles

June 2010 - Eagles

I found this eagle stopping for a little snack last night(6/11/10) on
the beach of the north shore.

August 2009 - Loons

September 2009 - Boat Hoist

Summer 2009 - Eagles

"[These] 3 are of eagles I have caught in weird places (with exception of one in tree).
The one landed on my neighbor's dock because he had dropped a fish there
a couple hours earlier I call that one "I thought I dropped it here."
The next one was over by Flower Pot. I call that one "Here's where I dropped it."
The last one I just call "The King" found him in a tree by Flower Pot.


"I thought I dropped it here."


"Here's where I dropped it."


"The King."


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