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Todd Holes writes:

"My name is Todd Holes and my Great Grandfather, William James Holes used to have a cabin on Ten Mile Lake. I have a few very old photos going back to the 1910ís, 1920ís and 1930ís of various family members at his cabin.

"He died in 1936 and I believe that the property was sold around the 1940ís or so, maybe later.

"Unfortunately my Dad who visited the cabin as a boy with his grandfather has Alzheimerís so cannot tell me anything about the cabin.

"I believe it was near what was later known as Happiness Inn on Bushís Point on Long Bay.

"I was wondering if the cabin might still be there? Are there any really ďold timersĒ that might remember it or that period in time, or possibly even remember my Great grandfather?

"I know that my grandfather, Wilbur ďWebĒ Holes also went to the cabin in the 20ís and 30ís and possibly the 40ís. Maybe someone remembers him at the cabin?"

Photos submitted by Todd Holes, May, 2008.

William James Holes (my Great Grandfather) at his cabin on Ten Mile Lake. In the photo there is a little boy sitting on the stoop half hidden by the tree. I believe this is Jacob Frederic Goosen, Jr. since I received this photo from him. He is William James Holesí sisterís grandson and was born in 1927. The boy appears to be about 5 or 6 years old so I am guessing this photo was taken around 1933 or so.

William James Holes later in life (1920ís or 1930ís or so.)

William James Holes   1853-1936

Below: Frost Family at Ten Mile Lake cabin in 1928. Left to Right: Robert Enos Frost, Barbara Frost (yes thatís a girl!), Ada (Holes) Frostóeldest daughter of Wm. James Holes, Lester Frost, Elizabeth Frost

At right: William James Holes. He was born in 1853 so I am guessing this photo was taken around the 1880ís or so.

"My Great grandfather went by the name James or Jim, using his middle name. He was born 1853 in Indiana and came to Minnesota as a young boy in 1857 with his father Samuel Holes. They originally lived in what is now Kandiyohi County. During the 1862 Sioux Indian Uprising they moved to St. Cloud where Samuel Holes helped design and build what was known as Fort Holes. Fortunately it was never needed as the Sioux never made it to St. Cloud.

"After the Sioux uprising they stayed in St. Cloud. William James Holes and his brother George Otis Holes owned and operated a granite quarry (actually several) and the name of their company was Holes Bros. Granite. They were very successful.

"Some time in the late 1800ís or early 1900ís (I do not know for sure) William James Holes built his cabin at Ten Mile Lake spending his summers there. I have spoken to several first and second cousins to my Dad, William Holes, who remember spending time at the cabin in their youth. They are all in their late 70ís and early 80ís.

"My Dadís first cousin, Patricia Mooney, who I have spoken to also remembers going to the Ten Mile Lake cabin as a little girl.

"My dadís brother James Holes, who died in 2002, was rescued by the family dog Buddy when he was a toddler. He apparently wandered off the dock and fell into the lake and Buddy the dog ran down the dock and jumped into the lake dragging him to shore. He was born in 1931 so this would have occurred in the early to mid 1930ís. This is per my Aunt Virginia (Dadie) who saw it happen.

"Iíve also attached a very small family tree (3 generations) showing the descendents of my Great Grandfather to help keep the names straight.

"The only thing I know about the location of the old cabin is the following: The property was on Bush's Point on Long Bay of Ten Mile Lake.  The tract was in Lot 2 of Section 31, Twp 141 N., of Range 30W. I got this information from a researcher in your county.

"I myself grew up in St. Cloud and probably even drove right by the property off of Hwy 371 20 or 30 years ago never knowing of its existence. Unfortunately I live in the Chicago area now and care for my Dad who has Alzheimerís so it is unlikely Iíll be visiting your area soon.

"Thanks for any help you can supply, though I am not holding my breath as this was so long ago and the cabin is probably gone or in disrepair."

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