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Pencil Point from the dock of
V.K. Livingston

(Fall, 2015)
Unfurling the Stars & Stripes on the Dock

Photo by Michael Hannaher, guest of the Hamilton's on the North Shore (Summer 2012).

Female Merganser Looks Lost

Photo by Michael Hannaher, guest of the Hamilton's on the North Shore (Summer 2012).

This photo of Ten Mile was taken by Tom Sorenson (of Ada Lake) in August of 2011.

More of Tom's photos can be found at the Ada Lake Association Website: http://www.minnesotawaters.org/group/ada-lake-association/welcome-0

Jack Hennen caught this 26" Walleye on August 6, 2010 at 7pm with his Grandpa Bob Horn.


Dear TMLA,

This summer, we made arts and crafts and sold them to our family and friends. We earned $35.95 and would like to give it to the Ten Mile Lake Association to help the lake and keep it clean.

We love Ten Mile Lake because a long long time ago in the 1940s our Great Grandpa Ray Johnson built a cabin on Long Beach. Now many people in our family have cabins on 10 Mile but we still go to Great Grandpa Ray's cabin because the beach is so sandy and we have so much fun there. We spend time with family, we go tubing, and we swim. Because we love 10 Mile Lake, we decided to give our money to you.


Lucy Speers (7 years old) and Emma Kansas (10 years old)


beckoning.jpg (56242 bytes) Beckoning

Taken from the South Shore by Lois Schropp sometime in 2002-2003.
Submitted by Stephen Pyle.

A July Storm

July, 2003

Taken by Laurie Seward

sewardstorm.JPG (282062 bytes)
sewardsailing.jpg (176692 bytes) August Sailboat Race 2005

Taken by Laurie Seward

This picture was taken by Britney Staley in July of 2004. It is from lower Ten Mile Lake.

staley.jpg (937627 bytes)
mkpickup.jpg (155981 bytes)

This photo of Bob and Nancy Horn's granddaughters was taken on 4-12-04. Mikaela and Kelsey Boyd
are helping clean up trash for the Adopt a Highway program along Lower Ten Mile Lake road (Cty. Rd. 6).

Shaded Relief Image of Ten Mile Lake (by MPCA in 2002)

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