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Raetz Family Images

Photos submitted by Michael Raetz

Here is Michael Raetz with a 25"
5.33 pound walleye caught in
the rock flat just off of Batcheller
Point. The second walleye was 21"
and 3.23 pounds.

This photo was taken by Michael's
father Steve Raetz in late August,

Michael and his friend Ben
Bromenschenkl went out night
fishing and had a night of fishing
the big eye's in 10 to 20 mph winds.
The anchors broke loose about 4
times. It was a rough night but it
was well worth it. They caught
over 20 walleye, keeping only these
two. Many were in the 3 to 4 pound

This picture was taken by Michael
Raetz on opening day 2011.

It was a very odd day as the wind
was blowing but the lake was calm.

Michael writes: "i think i was the
only person on the lake at this time
with 36 degree weather and rain at
around 7:00 in the morning. I was
headed to Long Bbay for some
weed bed walleyes."

This is a picture of Michael's grandfather
Ray Raetz holding Steve Raetz' 9 pound
walleye caught night fishing. This is the
biggest walleye my Steve has ever caught.

This photo was taken in July, 2009.

This picture was taken by Michael's
father Steve Raetz in the late
summer of 2009.

Michael writes: "It was about 8:00
in the morning in front of our cabin
off of Crescent Beach on the upper
part of Ten Mile.

This is one of my favorite pictures
because it truly to me shows the
peace and tranquility of Ten Mile."





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