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Jean Blomme: This picture is a suset photo with feet to show relaxation on our beautiful spot on Earth.
Rich Crull reports: My son-in-law Matt Schneider took this beautiful sunset 07/01/2015 while trolling for walleye off Pencil Point while on vacation.
"Stormy Sunset"

By Joe Gangelhoff, 2013

"Walley Sunset"

By Joe Gangelhoff, 2013

Awesome sunset taken June 26, 2013
while trolling for walleye in Long Bay.

Taken by Rich Crull from Washington, Iowa

Photo by J. Michael Schwartz

sent with the message:

"May your Christmas and New Year
be filled with the Light of Life."

Ten Mile Lake, 2011


Here are two sunset photos taken by Steve Hinkley on 10/22/2009.


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dr_sunset1.jpg (53639 bytes) Sunset from Lower Ten Mile Lake

by Deb Rhoads, August 2006

dr_sunset2.jpg (50610 bytes) Sunset from Lower Ten Mile Lake

by Deb Rhoads, August 2006

dr_sunset3.jpg (36524 bytes) Sunset from Lower Ten Mile Lake

by Deb Rhoads, August 2006

sunset06.jpg (756842 bytes) Sunset from Sandy Beach

Photo by Mike Nissly, 2006

de_sunset.jpg (70092 bytes) Photo by Dan Eikenberry, 2005
sunrise2.jpg (353979 bytes) Sunrise from Bacheller Bay
Photo by Don Spinar, April 2005
sunrise1.jpg (23351 bytes) Sunrise from Lower Ten Mile Lake
Photo by Bob & Nancy Horn, July 2004
longbaymay2003.jpg (887361 bytes) Sunset on Long Bay
Photo by Mike Jacobson, May 2003
tenmiletn.gif (71802 bytes) An Animated Sunset
Photos by Geoff Cox
hydesunset.jpg (69494 bytes)

Sunset from Boone Point
Photo by Collin Hyde (a couple of years ago)

maysunrise.jpg (17699 bytes)
maysunrisea.jpg (108266 bytes)

May Sunrise
Early morning pictures
from the week after
the 2001 "opener"
from the northwest shore.
Note fog in Long's Bay.
Photos by Bob Iversen, 2001

tmlacover.jpg (23347 bytes)

Sunrise from Fernhurst Cove
Photo by Tom Cox, 1999

brandtsunrise.jpg (46268 bytes)

Sunrise from Brandt's Island
Photo by Jon Brandt, 2000


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