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By Bob Iversen | From Bob Horn | From Bob Crom

In April of 2015, people were asking about the status of the ice on Ten Mile Lake. Here are four photos taken from the air by Bob Iversen. Wonderful photos; a rare look at how the ice behaves as the weather warms. You can see that Long's Bay is completely open. The rest of the lake will surely be ice-free soon! (You can magnify the photos on your screen to get a closer look.)

 Looking East toward the East Shore

Looking Southeast over Flowerpot Bay  
and Park Point (to the left).  

 Looking West-Northwest over Long's Bay
 toward Flower Pot, Lundstrom's and
 Kenfield Bays.

Looking toward the South Shore;  
Brandt's Island and Kenfield Bay at the right.  

These photos were submitted by Bob Horn from the Winter of 2004-2005.

IMAG0102.jpg (46728 bytes)

IMAG0197.jpg (36470 bytes)

IMAG0199.jpg (32061 bytes)
jack in igloo.jpg (20986 bytes) jack,molly on ice.jpg (24936 bytes) Kelsey Snoboarding1.jpg (26869 bytes)
nancy skiing.jpg (30759 bytes)

The following photos were taken by Bob Crom in Winter 2000-2001.

boone2.jpg (53113 bytes)

December 2: "The view of Boone Point from our house is spectacular . . . all trees are fully frost covered (I presume from the steam arising from the unfrozen part of the lake) with bright sun reflecting off of the frost. Took several shots but the camera probably won't do it justice."

boone1.jpg (75137 bytes)

"The two birds in the trees are a pair of eagles which were perched less than 80 feet from our lower walk out. They were doing a little fishing just before the lake froze over."

boone3.jpg (42696 bytes)

boone4.jpg (36249 bytes) 

twodeer.jpg (95351 bytes)


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