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In General

All types of boats are welcome to sail along with the C-Scows, we just ask that you keep clear in tight situations so as not to give one boat an unearned advantage over another.

Race Courses

Starting Line: All races will being with the first leg to windward. Consequently, the starting line will be located near the leeward shore on the main body of the lake.

Course Designations: Each of the 6 courses has a letter and number designation (see below). This is the designation that would be boldly displayed on the white board immediately prior to the race by the Race Committee positioned on one end of the starting line. It's important to have this sheet on-board for confirmation of the course. The race committee will always have extra copies in the event you lose or forget your copy.

Large, round, bright pink buoys will mark the course. The course will be shown on a large display board on the committee boat anchored at the starting line. The course for the second race of the day may be different, so be sure to check the committee boat before each race.

The white board will also have a Port (counter-clockwise) or Starboard (clockwise) designation for the direction of the race. (The Port course is depicted in the images below, and the Starboard course is it's mirror image).

Races with 5 or more legs will use a tighter course so as to keep the duration of the race similar to races with 4 or fewer legs.


Port Course



6 Legs

O1.gif (9713 bytes)


(Gold Cup)

5 Legs

G1.gif (8553 bytes)



4 Legs

T1.gif (7119 bytes)

W/L 3


3 Legs

WL3.gif (5223 bytes)

W/L 4


4 Legs

WL4.gif (7728 bytes)

W/L 5


5 Legs

WL5.gif (8361 bytes)


Signals counting down to the start of the race are as follows:

Six minutes before start

Three horn blasts

Three-and-a-half minutes

White flag lowered

Three minutes

Two horn blasts; Blue flag raised

Thirty seconds

Blue flag lowered


One horn blast; Red flag raised


Note: any boat crossing the starting line before the start of the race will be hailed and required to return to the starting line to recross.

Rules on the Starting Line

The starting line will be on the downward side of the lake so sailors can have a good upwind first leg. Look for other boats or the committee boat (with a white flag waving) if you are not sure where to go.

The starting line will be formed by a red buoy at one end and a white buoy at the other end to which the committee boat will be attached. The finish line will also be formed by a red and white buoy.

About "Barging"

Yacht B has no right to room at a starting mark. Until the starting signal, Yacht A can sail up head to wind and B must keep clear. As soon as the starting gun as fired, A must not sail above proper course if her overlap was established from clear astern and must not squeeze B out by sailing higher than this.

- Rule 18.19(a) from Paul Elvstrom explains the Racing Rules of Sailing

Yacht C can neither claim room between boat D and the mark before the starting gun nor afterwards.

Yacht A is head to the wind and has the right to do this before and after the starting gun if the overlap was not established from clean astern. After the signal [they] must not sail above proper course if [they] established the overlap from clear astern.

- Rule 18.1 from Paul Elvstrom explains the Racing Rules of Sailing



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