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Race Recap | Launch Party | Club Dues | Thanks

The 2004 Racing Schedule...
...Think Sailing!

Mark your calendar for all four races


July 3: Fourth of July


July 17: Memorial Cup


July 31: Moxness Cup


August 14: Summer Finale

Scoring for the Summer Series will be based on each boat's best three races. If there's a tie the score from the fourth race will determine the winner. Remember, scoring is by boat (not by skipper) so do your best to get your boat into all four races!

2003 Race Recap

Between the challenging weather and the large turnouts the racing season was a great success! We also have a new champion! Tom Brandt Jr. skippered all four events in the TR Brandt boat with his brother Lucas, cousin Ben and his Dad, Tom Sr., helping as crew. he took overall first place for the season with best 3 of 4 totals of 4765 points.

The Hoffman team came in second with their best 3 of 4 totals at 4662 points.

Third place was captured by Kerry Running and crew sailing his boat "My Lady" to 4266 points best 3 of 4 races.

With 2 of the 4 events completing only one race, versus the normal 2, due to weather conditions, it made for interesting scoring in 2003.

Congratulations to the winners!

Launch Party

Weather permitting, the annual Launch Party will be held on Saturday 7/3 following the second race!

This has become a fun occasion to get caught up and talk sailing. As in the past the party will be at Siqveland's green cabin. Come by land or sea but be sure to come!

Hot dogs and refreshments provided!

Club Dues

We've successfully avoided a formal dues collection for some time. We are asking for dues of $15 from sailing members who can't remember contributing dues or materials (excluding trophy engraving) in the last three years. A $5 contribution from non-sailing members would be generous and appreciated!

Thanks Everyone!

To everyone in the committee boat including Ivar Siqveland, Tom Moore, John Hallberg and others.

To the Hoffman clan for donating a new 5 foot orange buoy. Expect this buoy to always be the windward mark.

To Mimi Carlson for donating the new wood bases on two of our trophies. We'll get many more years of service from these trophies.

To the Garbisch family for hosting the awards ceremony after the final race.

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