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2007 Race Schedule


July 7, 2007: 4th of July Race, followed by Sailing Social at Siqvelands


July 21, 2007: The Memorial Cup Race


August 4, 2007: The Moxness Cup Race


August 18, 2007: The August Summer Series Race, followed by the Awards Ceremony at the Garbishes.

The races are scheduled for Saturday afternoons at 1:30pm. If weather causes us to cancel the Saturday Race, it will automatically be rescheduled for 10:30am the following morning (Sunday).

Excerpts from the Spring 2006 Issue #16

Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club founded in 1938

Newsletter Editor: Tom Siqveland

Click here for the 2005 Race Results

2006 Race Schedule

bulletJuly 1 - Fourth of July
bulletJuly 15 -  Memorial Cup
bulletJuly 29 - Moxness Cup
bulletAugust 12 - August Summer Series


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It's # 6 for the Win !!

Congratulations to Ki, Byron and the Hoffman crew for a strong showing in 2005! A solo 1st for the 4th of July, a tie for 1st for the August Summer Series and a 2nd place in the Moxness was enough to win the trophy. The competition was tough and again the weather made the racing especially challenging.

The best 3 of 4 total for # 6 of 5861 points was enough to stay 178 points ahead of Grant Moos. But congratulations are also due to Grant who came on with an impressive surge in the second half of the season with his new boat #I88. He won a solo victory in the Moxness Cup and tied for first in the August Summer Series. Look out for Grant to make a run for 1st place in 2006.

In third, Tom Brandt Jr. continues to make a mark in the standings aided by his solo victory in the Memorial Cup. Congratulations, Tom!

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2005 Race Recap

Hold on Tight in 2005…

The Recap

For the second year in a row the 4th of July race was a blow out. After the ravaging storm of 2004, 2005 saw 4 of 7 boats unable to complete both races in winds gusting over 20 mph.. Among other things the winds took down the rigging of boat #11 between races. Still, Ki Hoffman and crew were able to complete both races of the W/L course for a victory over Mimi Carlson who captured second and Grant Moos in third.

A small fleet of five boats competed for the Memorial Cup two weeks later. Tom Brandt Jr., racing with Alex Campbell, picked up a victory just ahead of Kerry Running and Dan Buesing in #88 and Tom & Bob Siqveland. This July 16th event was a great day for racing.

Eleven boats competed in the Moxness Cup on July 30th. Grant Moos showed his stuff and may have committed to his new fiberglass boat…at least for racing. Grant took a first place in his first competition with I88. He beat out Ki Hoffman in second and Bob Crabb in third.

In the August Summer Series on August 13th Grant Moos took a 1st and 2nd respectively while Ki Hoffman took a 2nd and a 1st for a tie for the day. Pete Roberts came in 2nd for the day with two 3rd places and Tom Brandt Jr filled out the trophy winners with two 4th places for the day. Congratulations everyone!!

History Corner

Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club Trophies

by Mimi Garbisch Carlson

On August 13, 2005 the trophies for the Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club Summer Regattas were all lined up waiting for the award ceremony to begin. It was fun to see them all together and think about their history.

Sailing "C" boats began in the early 1930's. There are two old silver trophies from the early days that we still use. The first regatta of the season is scheduled for the July 4th weekend. The 1st Place trophy is the first trophy in the Yacht Club history. It is a grand old silver cup, named for its donor, Frank "Rollie" Buck, grandfather of the Siqveland brothers. It was presented to the sailors of the day: Bob Buck, Jim Brandt, Jimmy Gamble, and Dick Garbisch. The 2nd and 3rd place trophies for this regatta have existed for many years, but are unnamed.

The second regatta, 2 weeks later, is called the Memorial Cup, and the trophies come to us from the Brandt family. The 1st Place trophy is named for George C. Brandt, Sr.; Rutledge Schropp; "Beezer" Knapp; and David R. Brandt. The 2nd Place trophy is named for James M. Brandt and was donated by son Tom and Patty Brandt. The 3rd Place trophy is named for L.C. "Hidie" Brandt and was donated by daughter Lolly and John Hallberg.

The third regatta, 2 weeks after the Memorial Cup, was originally called the "end of summer" races, is now called the Moxness Cup. Eivind "Uncle Mox" Moxness gave the 1st Place trophy; Kay and Dan Gainey gave 2nd and 3rd Place and the 3rd Place trophy named for H.F. "Hub" and Lou Garbisch.

The fourth regatta, 2 weeks after the Moxness Cup, as yet has no names or trophies. It is for points only, and the sailors can use the best 3 of 4 regattas for total points for the summer.

The second old silver trophy originally belonged to H.F. "Hub" Garbisch and was a trophy his "show" chickens won at Madison Square Garden. It was later named the Robert Buck Trophy in memory of Bob. We now use it as 1st Place for the entire summer season. In honor/memory of my parents and grandparents, my husband, Eric, and I donated the 2nd Place trophy named for Dick and Marge Garbisch and the 3rd Place trophy named for H.F. "Hub" and Lou Garbisch.

Since racing began, the number of boats has increased, and now there are usually 8 to 10 sailboats in any given regatta. The Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club has many people to thank over the years, including previous Commodores Rollie Buck Dick Garbisch, Chris and Rick Brandt, Dave Brandt, and Bob Crabb, Jr.

For more information about the Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club and the summer regatta series, please contact Commodore Tom for more information: TomSiqveland@msn.com.

Safety First

The last two seasons have shown how fast and vicious severe weather can appear while racing…..Always have enough life jackets for every crew member and please wear your life jackets when weather conditions turn serious!!

A Hearty THANKS!!...

...to everyone who contributes to our racing adventures. To those who help rounding up the buoys, hosting the awards ceremony and contributing funds. A Special Thanks to the committee boat crew of Ivar Siqveland, Tom Moore and John Hallberg.


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