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Excerpted from The Squall Line, Spring 2008 (Issue No. 17), edited by Grant Moos.

2007 Race Schedule

Hoffman's win 2007 Series

Commodore Kickoff Party

2007 Recap

2007 Final Standings

2007 Race Results

Ten Mile Lake Sailing Academy for Youth and New Sailors

Sailing Bounties issued on Staunton, Crandall

Safety First

New sailing trophies for August Summer Series Race

Learn more about the Yacht Club

2008 Race Schedule


July 5, 2008: 4th of July Race, followed by Sailing Social


July 19, 2008: The Memorial Cup Race


August 2, 2008: The Moxness Cup Race


August 18, 2008: The August Summer Series Race, followed by the Awards Ceremony at the Siqveland Ponderosa.

The races are scheduled for Saturday afternoons at 1:30pm. If weather causes us to cancel the Saturday Race, it will automatically be rescheduled for 10:30am the following morning (Sunday).

Hoffman's win 2007 Series

Congratulations once again to Ki, Byron and the Hoffman crew for dominating the 2007 racing season. The Hoffman team won both the Moxness and August Summer Series races, and finished second in the Fourth of July regatta.

In the best three of four final standings, Ki finished with 5,909 points, Grant moos was second with 5,674 points and Tom Brandt Jr. was third with 5,622 points.

Tom Jr. continues to sail at the head of the fleet with a first place in the Memorial Cup and thirds in the Fourth of July race and Moxness Cup. Tom is the best young sailor in the northern piney woods and gets better with every race.

Also noteworthy was the tie for third place by Andy Nelson in the August Summer Series. Andy was racing the old wooden Willis/Moos boat, which was built in 1960. The boat, although nearly 50 years old, is still in good shape with a mast that really belongs in a sailing museum. Andy tied with Commodore Tom Siqveland.

The 2008 racing season should be a good one, with several efforts underway to get more new sailors out racing.

Commodore Kickoff Party

The entire Ten Mile Lake sailing community is invited to the Siqveland Ponderosa following the second Fourth of July race on Saturday, July 5, weather permitting. Refreshments and hot dogs will be provided and a short meeting will be held to outline the 2008 racing season.

$25 are due - Funds needed for Committee Boat Expenses

With gas prices expected to reach $4/gallon this summer, it's going to cost even more to operate the Committee Boat for each race and to set and pick up the course.

To help defray these expenses, we're asking every member of the Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club to contribute $25 this year. It's been some time since the last general levy (many thanks, however, for 2007 contributions), and Rear Admiral Ivar Siqveland has been underwriting many of the Committee Boat expenses on his own.

So please send your $25 check to Commodore Tom Siqveland and hope that he actually passes them along to his big brother. Tom's address is 294 Stonebridge Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55105. In the memo section of the check, please write: "Thanks, Ivar."

Hold on Tight in 2007...The Recap

Ki Hoffman returned to old form in 2007, winning every race he competed in except one (Fourth of July) where he came in third.

Grant moos won the Fourth of July race, but only with help from Ki's daughters, Brianna and Given, who were Grant's crew. Six boats sailed in the Fourth of July races.

Tom Brandt Jr., racing with Alex =Campbell and Adam, dominated the Memorial Cub once again with two first place finishes, followed by Mimi Carlson in second and Tom Siqveland in third.

In the Moxness Cup, Ki sailed to two first place finishes, but there were several lead changes in one of the races, which made for some exciting sailing. Grant came in second and Tom Brandt Jr. was third. A total of eight boats sailed in the Moxness.

In the August Summer Series race, Ki won both races, and was followed by Grant in second and Andy Nelson and Tom Siqveland, who tied for third. four boats raced in the end of the season race.

Tom siqveland gets the perseverance award for being the only sailor in 20078 to sail in every race.

Congratulations, everyone. We hope to see everyone out on the race course this summer.

2007 Season Final Standings

Boat 7/7 7/21 8/4 8/18 4 of 4 Best 3 of 4
Hoffman 1909 0 2000 2000 5909 5909
Moos 1952 0 1861 1861 5674 5674
Brandt55 1861 2000 1761 0 5622 5622
Siqveland 1602 1779 1602 1779 6762 5160
Carlson 0 1861 1604 0 3465 3465
Nelson 0 0 0 1779 1779 1779
Crabb Blue 1740 0 0 0 1740 1740
Roberts 0 0 1740 0 1740 1740
Brandt2 1668 0 0 0 1668 1668
Garbisch 0 1511 0 0 1511 1511

2007 Race Results

4th of July - Sailed July 7th







Race 1 Race 2 Overall
Place Points Place Points Points Place
I88 Grant Moos Brianna & Given Hoffman 1 1000 2 952 1952 1
6 Ki Hoffman Byron Hoffman  Ariel Hoffman 3 909 1 1000 1909 2
55 Tom Brandt Jr Tom Brandt Sr 2 952 3 909 1861 3
5 Bob Crabb Chris Sweeny Maria Crabb 4 870 4 870 1740 4
2 Chris Brandt Janie Brandt Lolly Hallberg 5 834 5 834 1668 5
11 Tom Siqveland Bob Siqveland, Drew Siqveland 6 801 6 801 1602 6

Memorial Cup - Sailed July 21st

Boat Skipper Crew Race 1 Race 2 Overall
Place Points Place Points Points Place
55 Tom Brandt Jr Alex Campbell, Adam 1 1000 1 1000 2000 1
10 Mimi Carlson Eric Carlson, Earl Crabb 2 952 3 909 1861 2
11 Tom Siqveland Kevin Siqveland, Ryan Timm 3 909 4 870 1779 3
6 Byron Hoffman Tim DNS 0 2 DQ 0 0
Dave Paisley DNF 0 0

Moxness Cup - Sailed August 4







Race 1 Race 2 Overall
Place Points Place Points Points Place
6 Ki Hoffman Byron Hoffman 1 1000 1 1000 2000 1
88 Grant Moos Charlie Moos, Mike 3 909 2 952 1861 2
77 Tom Brandt Lucas Brandt, Jim Bliska 2 952 3 909 1761 3
14 Pete Roberts Rick Becker, Emma 4 870 4 870 1740 4
10 Mimi Garbisch Earl Crabb, Marsha 5 834 7 770 1604 5
11 Tom Siqveland George Brandt 6 801 6 801 1602 6
7 Tom Garbisch mike Garbisch 7 770 8 741 1511 7
6 Brianna Hoffman Friends 8 DNF/500 5 834 1334 8

August Summer Series - Sailed August 18

Boat Skipper Crew Race 1 Race 2 Overall
Place Points Place Points Points Place
6 Ki Hoffman Byron Hoffman 1 1000 1 1000 2000 1
88 Grant Moos Charlie Moos, Mike 2 952 2 952 1861 2
22 Andy Nelson Kevin Michelle 3 909 4 870 1779 T-3
11 Tom Siqveland   4 870 3 909 1779 T-3

Ten Mile Lake Sailing Academy for Youth and New Sailors

A sailing clinic for children and new sailors will be held July 12-13 in the Moos boathouse, the world headquarters for the Ten Mile Lake Sailing Academy for Youth and New Sailors.

The idea behind the academy is to teach more people to sail in the hope that they will become active participants in the Ten Mile Lake sailing community.

Smaller boats such as Sunfish will be available for younger sailors, and C-boats will be on hand for older students who want to experience what a racing sailboat is like.

The following weekend (July 18) a just-for-fun race will be held to allow new sailors -- and experienced crew -- an opportunity to skipper boats during a race.

Veteran Ten mile Lake sailors serve as crew for new skippers to provide guidance and encouragement. This will give new sailors a chance to apply their new sailing skills. For more information, contact Grant Moos at grant (underline) moos (at) earthlink (dot) net.

Sailing bounties issued on Staunton, Crandall

Bounties have been issued on long-time sailors Dick Staunton and Ed "Pete" Crandall, who have not been seen in a Ten Mile Lake sailboat race for at least a decade.

Whoever successfully gets either of these dormant sailors into a race is entitled to dinner at the restaurant of their choice, and is eligible for a special commendation from the commodore. Dick and ed are also entitled to a free dinner if the complete a race.

Pete Roberts is sponsoring the bounty on Dick and Grant Moos is underwriting the bounty on Ed. Other yacht club members are encouraged to sponsor their own bounties on other racers who have fallen from (racing) grace with the seas.

+ Safety First +

The last two seasons have shown how fast and vicious sever weather can appear while racing. Always have enough life jackets for every crew member and please wear your life jackets when weather conditions turn serious.

New sailing trophies for August Summer Series Race

Many thanks to Jo Roberts for providing new trophies for the August Summer Series race, which could provide an extra incentive for more sailors to compete in this race that marks the end of the racing season.

While the history and tradition of the old trophies is hard to beat, these new trophies are quite impressive. Very shiny and very sparkly.

Be sure to make the August 16th race to attempt to earn a spot on the cabin fireplace mantle for one of these trophies.

Learn more about the Yacht Club....

For more information about the Ten mile Lake Yacht Club and the summer regatta series, please contact Commodore Tom Siqveland for more information: TomSiqveland (at) msn (dot) com.


Ten Mile Lake Yacht Club founded in 1938

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